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How long have you been walking dogs, and is this a full time job?

I have been walking dogs since February 2007 and it is our full time job. In addition to this we have always had border collie dogs as family pets.

Will my dog be walked individually or in a group?

Dogs can be walked individually or in groups of up to four dogs. Depending on the temperament of the dog.

Will you be walking my dog, or do you work with others?

Dogs are walked either by myself or my daughter Nickie who has been walking dogs for AK9 now for over ten years.

Do you walk in the rain, high heat, snow or cold weather?

We walk in all weathers. If they get wet we will dry them off before returning them to their homes. Before leaving them we will ensure they have fresh water.

Will you take my dog to a dog park or just for a walk?

We take dogs for walks. Some dogs go to field or parks to play. Others, where necessary will remain on the lead and walk with us.

Do you have insurance?

We are fully insured.

How should i pay you, and how often?

Most of my clients pay by internet banking. We also accept cheques or cash.

Do you offer special services other than dog walking?

We do offer day care as well as cat and rabbit day visits whilst owners are on holiday.

What happens if something happens to my furbaby in your care?

In the unlikely event something untoward happens to your furbaby we would care for him as though one of our own. Contacting you or your emergency contact, and where necessary arrange for a visit to the vet.